There are currently 55 skills in Epica.


Assault Skills

Assault skills focus on attacks and maneuvers with Rifles, Shotguns and Grenades.

Inspirations: Rainbow Six 3/Vegas 2, Fallout 3/New Vegas/Fallout 4, Warframe, ARMA

Status: Deployed, 0.5. Development on going.

Skill Shoot On
Fire a bullet from the currently held weapon. Lethaltity is based on weapon caliber, barrel and receiver. Requires a firearm.

Take Cover
Take Cover on
Take cover at current location. Requires cover.

Lean Left
Lean Left On
Bend backwards, adjusting camera angle and weapon trajectory. If you have Taken Cover, step out and aim.

Lean Right
Lean Right On
Lean forward, adjusting camera angle and weapon trajectory. If you have Taken Cover, step out and aim.

Crouch On
Stealth. Lower your profile and move silently. Enables Stealth.


Tap & Rakk
Skill Tap n Rack On
Racks the currently held weapon. If a pump action Shotgun is held, cycle the pump action, dischargin the spent shell casing from the chamber and load a new shell.

Fixes Weapon Jams.

Rifle Melee
Skill Melee On
Melee. Using your rifle, strike forward in an arc, striking all targets in front of you. Lethality increased by weapon attachements. Requires a Rifle.

Base Lethality: 5%
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Front Kick
Skill Kick On
Melee. Kick directly infront of you and step forward, Stumbling one target directly in front of you.

Base Lethality: 0%.
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Skill Charge On
Melee. Run forward, stumbling all targets in your path.
Base Lethality: 0%
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Skill Aim On
While remaining in Third Person view, zoom closer over the shoulder and view the passive iron sight more clearly. Can toggle laser sights [Enabled by default for alpha testing]

View Scope
Skill Scope ON
Look down the scope of a weapon which has a scope enabled on it. If a weapon does not have a scope, look directly down the iron sight. Requires a firearm.

Zero Scope
Skill Wind LeftSkill Distance UpSkill Wind RightSkill Distance Down
Adjust the windage and elevation on the currently held weapon. Requires a firearm with a scope.

Zoom Scope
Zoom InZoom Out
Zooms in or out with the currently held weapon. Requires a firearm with a scope.

Frag Out
Skill Frag Up On
Throws a proximity sensitive grenade forward. Grenade will explode when it comes close to anything. Grenades can be charged by priming with other effects. Caution should be used when handling explosives, especially in confined spaces, around obstacles and uneven terrain.

Fragmentation Grenade Priming
Skill Frag Down On
Prime and throw a grenade to target location. The initial explosion releases extra shrapnel downward followed by a rain of hot metal in the area around the explosion.

Frag Reign
Frag Reign On
Prime and throw a grenade to target location. After an initial explosion, a series of secondary explosions reign down from above.


Shrapnel Ring Priming

Prime and throw a grenade to target location. The initial explosion outward causes a ring of debris to expand forth.


Common Skills

Common skills relate to the starting and stopping of missions, basic interactions and interacting with menus and inventories.

Inspirations: Smite, Path of Exile, Nikola Tesla

Status:  Deployed, 0.5. Development on going.


Button Boots
While in Commander Mode, move to target location. Use AIM, W or S to cancel.

Open Artyaphim [“R, T, F, M”]
Button Artyaphim
Open the In Game Manual which contains information on controls, missions, weapons, items, etc.

Open Skill Forest
Skill Tree
Open the Skill Forest to assign skills to the Skill Bar.

Open Inventory
Open the inventory to assign weapons to your Weapon Bar. Selected Weapons can also be crafted, modified or sold.

Open Crafting Menu
Materia Practicum
View the Materia Practicum, which shows the crafting materials and in game currency converter.

Open HUD Editor
Skill HUD Editor
Open the HUD editor to adjust on screen user interface locations or visibility.

First Person Mode
Button Visor
[Reserved]. This skill has been reserved for later development with Virtual Reality.


Mecha skill trees deal with a variety of mechs ranging from standard bipedal Mechs to Airmechs.

Inspirations: Mech Warrior, Freelancer, X, Evochron, Star Citizen

Status: Prototype, internal testing.

Deathblossom – Assault Mode
Airmech Assault
Configure the Deathblossom to Assault mode, bringing its weapons to bear but lowering its overall deflection rating and exposing critical weak points to fire.

Deathblossom – Defensive Mode
Airmech Shieldmode
Disable all weapons and cover up, hiding critical weak points and increasing overall Deflection Rating.

Deathblossom – Chaingun
Open fire while in Assault Mode with dual 13.5mm anti-personnel rounds.

AOE: 5 meters
Lethality: 500%

Deathblossom – Laser Cannons
Superheat a target with dual laser cannons. This attack also marks a location to which all future guided missiles.

Range: 1km
Lethality: 250%

Deathblossom – Forward Rockets
Fires two unguided rockets in the direction Deathblossom is facing.

AOE: 10m
Lethality: 1500% x2

Deathblossom – Salvo
Unload 10 guided missiles from the back-mounted missle bay. After a short delay missiles will track to the target designated with the Laser Cannons.

AOE: 10m
Lethality: 1500% x10

Deathblossom – Ascend and Decend
Airmech_Increase AltitdueAirmech_Decrease Altitdue
While on a planet, use these controls to adjust your altitude.

Deathblossom – Eject
Airmech Eject
Leave the Deathblossom, which will then automatically convert to Defensive Mode.


Engineering skills focus on the deploying of drones, turrets, creating and modifying buildings and regular ship maintenance.

Inspirations: Terreria, Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2/Black Ops

Status: Prototype, internal testing. Please note that Summon Drone has been made available for the public alpha and may be very, very buggy, leave you and join forces with the enemy or worse.

Summon Drone
Summon a Drone which will hover above you in an ARPG angle. [Supplementary skills coming soon]

Create Building
Creates a building at target location.

Modify Building
Modifies a player created or captured building. 


Cybermages can navigate the battlefield remotely, connecting to devices, unlocking doors and do reconnaissance via camera.

Inspiration: Watch_Dogs, Uplink, Warframe, Penetration Testing

Status: Prototype, awaiting public testing in 1.0.1. 

Scans the local area for Connectable devices and displays them.

Remote Connection
Connect to the targeted device via Linkwave.

Attempts to bypass user authentication via buffer overflow. If this attack is not automatically successful a cryptographic minigame is spawned requiring the player to complete a brief minigame to allow access.

View Remote Camera
If the remote device has a camera installed, view the remote camera in the top right corner of your screen.

Full Screen
Toggle the currently viewed camera to full screen. Use again to resume normal camera view in third person.

Rotate and Pan Remote Camera
CM Cam UpCM Cam LeftCM Cam DownCM  Cam Right
Rotates the camera. If Full Screen is enabled, WASD can also be used to adjust the camera.

Increase power load to CPU, disable cooling systems and attempt to overload the circuits. If this attack is successful the system will be disabled, with a chance to catch fire or explode.


CM Satalite
Hack a satellite in orbit, allowing a high level tactical overview of the current area, infrard mode or deployment of planetary bombardment ordinance if available.
Cooldown: 5 minutes

Fire HABIT Cannon

Reign down destruction through a High Altitude Bombardment & Infrared Tracking cannon. Smart Kinetic Rounds (SKR’s) will track to any vehicles marked in infrared.


The commander skill tree focuses on multiplayer interactions such as forming parties (Fireteams, Assault Groups, Platoons and Companies) and managing mission objectives across large, coordinated player groups. Players can issue Orders which can be assigned to teammates and are rewarded in high levels of gameplay for well coordinated efforts. Commanders can also make requests to other players for assistance such as supply drops, reinforcements, airstrikes or orbital bombardments. Team

Status: Currently in development

Order: Move To
Create a waypoint designator for friendly players and support AI. AI units will move directly towards this point and remain there awaiting further instructions.

Use this skill to navigate a Mule Transport during an escort mission.