Unique Rifles

Mk 545 Alpha
Standard issue assault rifle, but this one is uniquely yours, just like everyone else’s.

Vera Eclipse SMG
Common SMG

Rapid fire SMG
[1%-5%] Chance to fire two bullets at once.

The Bloodswan
red AR
High Lethality Assault Rifle
[15%-25%] chance to for a shot to have Double Lethality.

Unique Shotguns

Savage Peacemaker
SG Common
Wide Spread Shotgun
Fires [1-15] extra  pellets per shot


Unique Sniper Rifles

7.62 Carcass
SR Common
Has Perfect Accuracy

Unique Pistols (Coming Soon)

Raven’s Talon 
Pistol Common
Melee attacks with this weapon have [5%-25%] increased Lethality.

McGuffin Special
High Lethality Pistol
Increased Weapon Caliber [5.56 – .50]Unique 100mm Cannons (Coming Soon)

Red 100mm
Rounds fired have a [25%=50%] chance to  explode on impact, with [80%-125%] AOE Lethality.

100mm common
Grants the Alt-Fire skill “Fire 40mm Grenade” to the Assault Tree
Grants the Alt-Fire skill “Fire 40mm Buckshot” to the Assault Tree